A Passion for Hospitality
Operations, Strategy and Development
in the Hospitality Industry

Your challenge

Are you involved in the tourism industry, managing or developing hotels & resorts?

Are you developing a project, managing a business unit or dealing with a special crisis?

Our expertise

We can demonstrate a proven track record, with our team of experienced specialists in each area of business.

We can develop and manage your tourism project globally, as well assist with the finer details.

Our actions

We can provide advice in hotel operations, business strategies or development on a global scale.

Élaboration de projets de rénovation, de restructuration, de repositionnement, de réorganisation et conduite du changement. 

A passion for hospitality

Our proposals are tailor made according to your needs and requirements.

We bring support and expertise in hotels, food & beverage, catering, theme parks, casinos and entertainment complexes and golf.

We will work very closely with you to provide advice, guidance, project coordination, and management.

Our business specialist will work with you to drive increased results, better, faster with seamless precision.

A Passion for Hospitality


It all happens on the floor

Need improved results? Does your hotel, restaurant, casino or entertainment venue need reorganizing, repositioning or a business check-up?

We will audit, analyse and provide recommendations to improve your business and assure professional follow-up.

Whether you need a rebranding, a new market position or a new project managed to completion, we will work with you to ensure fast and efficient results.

We provide advice, guidance, team management, training and coaching every step of the way and will accompany you through change management.

Experience saves time

Experience Yields Results


Who, What, Where, Why & How?

For either a new project or renovation, we will advise you on the product specifications and the level of service needed to be in line with the requirements of your specific market.

Our Financial specialists will,

- Ensure strong return on investment based on the business model

- Ensure the Sales & Marketing strategy is in line with the business model

- Ensure the Human Resources strategy is in line with the business model

- Ensure all aspects of the Operations have been considered to maximize service and revenue opportunities

We ensure the effective management of your asset.

The most visible form of success is financial performance

touristic development

When a vision becomes a reality

Our team of specialist will assist with planning, development and phasing, in accordance with the environment, while ensuring the wants and needs of both local and international markets are achieved.

Together, we will ensure the planned project is sustainable and will respond to the requirement of the environment, as well all aspects of the local community.

We will recommend on space planning, suggest appropriate hotel category, guide on food & beverage concepts, spa & fitness needs as well on large scale themed parks.

We will support you in identifying the right operator and negotiate the appropriate contract, whether Affiliated, Franchise, Management Agreement or Joint Venture.

We will provide the strategic support, construction management and ensure the right budget is achieved to deliver your successful business.

Our team

portrait de Marie-Béatrice Lallemand

Marie-Béatrice Lallemand


International hotelier specializing in hotel, resort & casino management operations and development at an executive level, with over 30 years of world class, major hotel brands - both individual and multi-unit management experience at 4, 5 star and palace categories.

portrait de Kurt Scholl

Kurt Scholl


Holds a diploma in economics and management from Fribourg university (CH), and has 21 years of management position in different industries and 12 years as International Business Consultant.


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Our Partners

logo d'Advancy


Advancy is a fast growing consulting agency doing 30% of its projects in the Travel and Leisure industry. Advancy is based in Paris with 4 additional offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Sydney. Advancy and maribe Host consulting have a strong partnership agreement, each party bringing its expertise and support to the partner.

logo de DHW Kerenog Conseil

DHW Kerenog Conseil

DHW Kerenog Consulting is a coaching company based in Paris. DHW Kerenog act within a company to “speed up “ the development of the business: operational audit, translation of project into tactical phases, as well as motivation and team building. The partnership will facilitate the implementation within the business enabling a visible and quicker result.